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Aphasiatoolbox.com – the world leader in online rehabilitation for people with aphasia/apraxia. We offer individualized recovery plans for clients and comprehensive services for Speech-Language Pathologists. Want results ? Click below.

We offer the best evidenced based therapy and aphasia rehabilitation approaches in the field. We help individual clients who have aphasia/apraxia and their families build their own recovery paths. We also help speech language pathologists who are looking to offer cutting edge aphasia therapy to clients and build their own telepractice. Please select one of the following links to learn more about our services.

No more tired, meaningless drills and worksheets! We designed our Brain Compatible Aphasia Treatment (BCAT) and Motor Reconnect Apraxia (MRAP) programs to take advantage of neuroplasticity-the brain’s proven ability to reconnect and repair itself. Now you can incorporate BCAT and MRAP into your individual practice or treatment.

Aphasia treatment is no longer a to which place you go - a clinic. It is now something you do - active interaction with expert clinicians. The staff of aphasiatoolbox.com can work with you in the comfort of your home. Click below to see how easy this is to do.